Jeanne Kent distributes her gifts of healing, of understanding and communication, around the world.

The Belmont Centre was founded in 1981 to create a centre from which Jeanne Kent and others share and explore the many ways of the spirit in healing and guidance.

It has been forty years since she first discovered her unique gifts for helping. Since that time Jeanne Kent has spread her work far and wide, learning every day as each new challenge and request is met and sometimes exceeded. After an astoundingly long and celebrated career to date, Jeanne Kent has made her work the centre of her life for the benefit of all those seeking help, seeking knowledge or those seeking their own special gifts.

As a source of gifts, and as a teacher of the caring and aware spirit, Jeanne Kent thrives on the needs and desires of those who seek her, please contact Jeanne Kent if you have any questions or are wanting to undertake a service on offer. Your words, thoughts and feelings are important to Jeanne as she continues into the next millennium with her own special celebration of the human spirit.

Jeanne is a full member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (40 years) and a natural psychic. She is also a Reiki Master and an accredited Medium with the Spiritual centre of Great Britain. She has acted as a tutor and has been the Healing leader for the International Spiritual Federation over many years. Also a member of Spirit Release Foundation.

Jeanne has also travelled internationally, as far as Hong Kong, and appeared on television shows such as Kilroy and Meridian. She has also appeared on BBC Radio Kent and other radio programs talking on her subjects.

Jeanne Kent belongs to the following Memberships;

  • National Federation of Spiritual Healers
  • Spirit Release Foundation
  • The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums
  • Kent International Healing Association
  • The International Spiritualist Federation
  • The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association
Jeanne Kent

Jeanne Kent

May peace be with you.