A difficult and controversial concept for skeptics and believers alike, Mediumship is a phenomena for which no claims can be made, except that it works.

Jeanne Kent's gift, as natural to her as life itself, has been part of her consciousness for all of her life.

As a medium of significant standing around the world, Jeanne Kent has no need of physical tools her work as a medium, but is open to the experiences of the spiritual energies that guide her for only good purposes.

Helping those in grief or confusion, assisting the police in unraveling mystery or providing links to the world of spirits, Jeanne Kent is a Christian medium who practices Mediumship using her greatest gift, the gift of seeing into the many levels of time and existence beyond those in the normal realms of the senses, the realm of Angels and Spirit guides.

Jeanne Kent provides demonstrations and services at Spiritual Churches and belongs to the following associations;

  • Member of I.S.F (International Spiritualist Federation)
  • Member of I.S.M (Institute of Spiritualist Mediums)
  • Member of S.A.G.B. (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain)

The gift of seeing into the many levels of time and existence.